The following resources I created in collaboration with Lab 4 Living and Impress for the Toilet Talk Workshop in Leeds. These were used during the day and were designed to be child friendly and fun to interact with.

Resources_ActivitiesDaily activity cards allowed children to manipulate and draw on however they wanted, allowing them to stay on topic without getting too distracted. Superhero and Sidekick templates were designed to help the children personify their hopes for the future allowing Impress and Lab 4 Living to learn more about the children’s experiences.

Resources_HeroesFinally I created a template comic that the children could complete themselves. There is a real value in having these bespoke resources and the parents appreciated the way that all the activities were tailored towards their child’s very specific and sensitive needs.

If you are interested in having your own bespoke resources then I’d love to be involved, hit the link to get in touch.